paleo Menu

The Paleo Diet is a focus on consuming foods that were consumed during the Paleolithic Era. The only foods eaten and available in this era were meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. NO grains, NO dairy & NO added sugar.

The following week's menu will be available on Tuesday evening. Please have orders submitted by 7 pm on Friday. Orders will be delivered the following Monday.

*All PALEO meals are made in a facility containing gluten and dairy. If you have a severe allergy please email so we can accommodate*


  1. Wonton Soup with Braised Chicken and Mixed Vegetables 

  2. Santa Fe Beef with Corn, Tomates, Green Chilis, and Roasted Vegetables

  3. Roasted Beet Salad with Grilled Chicken, Figs, Orange Segments, and Pickled Onions

  4. Asian Vegetable Saute with Shredded Beef and a Thai Peanut Sauce

  5. Organic Kale Mix Greens, Greek Chicken, Tomatoes, Banana Peppers and a Greek Vinaigrette

  6. Organic Romaine Greens, Teriyaki Pork, Broccoli, Mandarin Oranges, and a Ginger Vinaigrette


  1. CAB Beef Stroganoff with a Wild Mushroom Brandy Sauce and Charred Carrots

  2. Slow Roasted CAB Beef Brisket with Horseradish Onions  and Roasted Vegetables

  3. Blackened Shrimp with a Caribbean  Coleslaw

  4. North Carolina Style Pulled Pork with a Housemade Vinegar Sauce and Steamed Broccoli

  5. Chicken and Shrimp Jambalaya with Trinity Vegetables

  6. Grilled Chicken with Grilled Green Beans

Paleo lunches $69 USD - This includes six lunch servings for one person ($11.50 per lunch + tax)


Paleo dinners $90 USD - This includes six dinner servings for one person ($15.00 per dinner + tax)


Delivery Notes:

  • Please have a cooler outside with ice packs for us to transfer food.

  • Any cooler bags or coolers we drop off are to be returned to delivery point weekly.